Epiphone 1965 John Lennon Casino MINT made in USA #1775 of

The “John Lennon 1965 Casino” is a reproduction of the guitar as John originally purchased it with the sunburst finish and stock hardware. The “John Lennon Revolution Casino” is a reproduction of the “stripped” guitar featuring one coat of nitro-cellulose lacquer, gold Grover tuners and no pickguard. Epiphone is, of course, owned by Gibson, and in the sixties guitars by both brands Epiphone John Lennon Ltd Ed Revolution USA model #1623/1965 – This is one fantastic Guitar, This Revolution shows minimal playwear upon very close inspection and nothing of any consequence. It plays and sounds as thou it was on the rooftop filming Let it Be! The Gibson made USA P-90’s sound strong and the volume and tone pots work as they should. The Revolution plays and sounds great. This 2006 Epiphone John Lennon Casino . This is from the first batch of John Lennon Tribute Casino’s. Made in Nashville USA. Blue Label. Just a fantastic guitar. Beautiful nitro finish. P90 Pickups sound great. Nice 60’s style neck. Comes with original case, cert, and case candy. This guitar is close to mint. It has barely ever been played The Two 'Inspired By' John Lennon Casino Guitars are Very Similar. The Epiphone 'Inspired By' John Lennon Casinos came in two varieties, the first one was just like John's guitar was when he got it. It had the sunburst finish, the pick-guard, and the original machine heads, or tuning machines. The second one, which was called the 'Revolution' Casino, was the exact same except it modeled John's The John Lennon Revolution Casino is a reproduction of this stripped guitar as it remains today, featuring one coat of lacquer, gold Grover tuners, and the pickguard removed. A combined total of 1,965 of these individually hand-numbered, historic guitars have been produced, and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each goes to the BMI Foundation for the John Lennon Scholarship Fund which John Lennon's Epiphone Casino made a bigger impact on the imaginations of Beatle fans than any of the several other guitars he played during his career, and became an iconic instrument in the process. The fact is, though, that this guitar is revered in two entirely different incarnations: many love it in its original state as a vintage sunburst 1965 Epiphone Casino, while others admire its While the calibre and heritage of Epiphone's discontinued, USA-made John Lennon 1965 Casino can hardly be questioned, it had one major drawback: the price! Retailing on the cusp of £2000, for many guitarists not even the high build quality could compensate. This tale isn't unique among Epiphone's American-made guitars.Keen to redress the balance for those with smaller pockets, Epiphone has 2000年に二つの形で限定生産された、John Lennon所有機のレプリカ、『John・Lennon・Casino』。 こちら《Revolution》はビートルズ後期に塗装を剥がされナチュラルカラーになったCasinoを再現しています。 映像の中でも頻繁に登場するナチュラルカラーのカジノを再現した本モデルは、ヘッド裏の The "Revolution" John Lennon Casino offers professional musicians the same key features of John Lennon’s personal Epiphone Casino that he purchased in London in 1965. This is the stripped down “Revolution” version John used for The Beatles White Album, Abbey Road, the rooftop concert for the Let It Be film, and his first solo work with the Plastic Ono Band. Support Music Education For John Lennon with his Epiphone Casino in December, 1968, on the set of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus.” Lennon photo: Andrew Maclear/Redferns. Of all the guitars the Beatles made famous, the only one that John, Paul and George had in common was the Epiphone Casino. Each owned a Casino and used it for countless recordings and performances.

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