Caesars Palace - Resort & Casino in Las Vegas –

There is another large-scale merger in the gambling market.

There is another large-scale merger in the gambling market.
Casino operator Cesars Entertainment has officially confirmed plans to acquire betting giant William Hill, and the company has begun listing 30 million of its shares, the proceeds from which are likely to be used to purchase a British bookmaker. In a brief statement, Ceasars said they expect to use the net proceeds from the sale of the shares for general corporate purposes, but suggested that the funds could be included in William Hill's cash offer. Both companies confirmed merger talks last week, CDC Gaming Reports reported. Reuters previously reported that William Hill announced that it will provide Cesars shareholders with a deal worth $ 3.7 billion. The bookmaker also said that it is considering an offer from another partner, Apollo Global Management. The deadline for making a decision and signing the agreement is October 23. Seasars already owns a 20% stake in Las Vegas-based William Hill US. Including Seasars operations, William Hill US is active with sports betting in more than 170 retail outlets in 13 states. London-based gaming analyst Jefferies James Yeetcroft said that William Hill USA has a 29% share of the US sports betting market.
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ERI - El Dorado Resorts

They obviously took a hard hit from COVID being in the travel/hospitality/gambling industry.
I was fortunate enough to get in at $13.5 and have slowly bought more as it rises (currently @ $21.15 as of 3pm EST May 8).
They recently had a huge acquisition of Ceasars Casino on the Las Vegas strip, and are in a position to own a majority of hotel casinos located on the Las Vegas strip.
I came across this article discussing how their mergeacquisition could be in jeopardy.
I’m also seeing positive news that the deal is going through which is a great sign.
Does anyone else have shares of ERI? Do you plan on selling, holding or investing in more shares?
I most certainly plan on holding, seeing as the 52 week average is $70.74. I don’t have any strong information that shows it will reach that point, but I would be more than happy to exit somewhere in the middle.
Edit: spelling
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With this plan, should i get the 4-day Monorail pass?

Hi guys, first time traveller to vegas here. I'm planning to go w/ a friend during Thanksgiving break, and here's our tentative plan so far. Any advice would be welcome, and i'm also wondering whether we should buy the 4-day monorail pass?
- After arrival, go to Walmart and buy lots of bottled water! - Also buy alcohol there - Make sure your phone works so you can Uber 
Food & Drinks:
 Alcohol - Fat Tuesday Japanese - Kabuto (NEEDS RESERVATION) $48 - $120 * 2 = $100 Minimum French - Le Cirque (NEEDS RESERVATION) $100 * 2 = $200 Probably Steak - Gordon Ramsay @Ceasar (NEEDS RESERVATION) Steak-Tasting Menu $155/person * 2 = ~$350 net 
Things to do:
- Gamble (obviously) - Bellagio Fountain Show (FREE) - Las Vegas sign photo - Walk the strip (FREE) NEEDS TO BE DURING DAYTIME - Cirque d' Soleil? - Tour the various casinos - Hoover Dam & Lake Mead (Maybe?) 
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My dad's favorite picture of me

So my dad ticks a lot of JustNo boxes:
Diagnosed, but untreated bipolar disorder? Check. A severe anger management problem? Check. A massive coke problem? Check. Raging alcoholism? Check. A terminal victim mentality? Big, fat, fucking check.
He's been this way ever since he was a toddler (minus the coke and alcohol issues...I think). His parents are the reason that I'm alive today. I wouldn't have survived childhood had they not been there. HOWEVER, they're also the reason he is the way that he is. He was such a nightmare as a kid and so abusive to his parents that they always just caved and gave him what he wanted to avoid his violent temper tantrums. As an adult, he expects everyone to give into his every whim like they did and violently lashes out when they don't.
If you throw substance abuse into that equation, you get an uncontrollable, destructive monster. And if that's not bad enough, allow that monster to reproduce (this is where I come in. Hey!). It's an equation that makes no sense, has no point, and solves for absolutely nothing. The only purpose is to create chaos and breed life-long psychological disorders.
My mom had me and my brother and we stayed with my dad for a while, but after he slapped her around enough times, she peaced the fuck out. They got divorced, she remarried, and we only had to see him every other weekend. My brother and I were young and idolized my dad, but he pretty much saw us as a burden and would manipulate us to make himself feel special. For instance, when we were at home with our mom, he would call just to tell us that he was going to kill our dog and move to Florida and have us put up for adoption just to make us cry. I guess hearing us cry about that made him feel like he was important? Idk, I'm not even going to try to make sense of anything that happens in that bat shit crazy head of his. The truth is that I don't remember a ton of memories from my early childhood because they're repressed deep down somewhere just waiting to bob up to the surface and throw me head first into a mental breakdown. But I'll cross that bridge when I get to it lol. What I DO remember is just a flurry of yelling, fighting, punching walls, crying, and pain. No one was ever happy and everything was always chaotic.
As a result, I developed a weird coping mechanism. Ever since I was a kid, the feeling of something tickling my ear has been comforting. I remember being in the car as a kid and putting my ear up to an open window and feeling the air hit the inside of my ear. From there it turned into me using my hair to tickle my ear. I use the very tips of my hair, just a couple pieces at a time, and put them inside my ear. It tickles, but it's not overwhelming, and has always been a nervous tick. I still do it without thinking about it.
It wasn't until I was in high school that I realized this was a residual symptom of a traumatic childhood. This was my way of coping as a kid, something I could control when everything around me was spiraling in a crazy, cocaine fueled tornado. Some kids suck their thumbs, I put hair in my ear. Anyway, this is apparently something my dad found hilarious.
When I was 17, he got remarried to this trainwreck of a woman in, where else but Las Vegas. At Ceasar's Palace of all places. The entire thing was a shit show. My grandparents paid for everything while her family excluded us from all their pre wedding activities and talked about my grandparents behind their back. While everyone else actually stayed at Caesar's Palace, we stayed off the strip at a seedy motel, but at least we were away from most of the drama. My dad called us screaming that his fiance was a bitch and they were calling off the wedding at least 3 times, and he was drunk the whole weekend, making a fool out of himself. But I was just happy I got to see my grandma in her natural habitat, the Casino, and spend time with her and my grandpa. The rest of the time I was pretending I was anywhere else.
This is where the picture comes in. At the reception, the photographer snapped a picture of me with my hair in my ear, staring at the ground. This turned into my dad's favorite picture of me and he has it framed on a bookshelf in his living room. I think it's interesting that his favorite picture of me is one of me employing a coping mechanism that I developed because of his abuse and he has no idea.
I'm doing a lot better these days. I live 800 miles away from him, have my own life, and I'm healing. A lot of what he did to me has affected me in ways I am still discovering, but I'm getting through it. I try to not dwell too much on my past and I'm slowly letting go of everything, but I'm getting there. This is just something I thought was interesting so I thought I would share.
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[ROLEPLAY] I have seen the Future, you must believe.

Throughout Las Vegas, "Bane's Theme" from Batman was playing on repeat via loudspeakers installed to every building and every home
War Boys in modified Toyota Hilux trucks blazed down the Las Vegas strip as explosions and other random chaos continued throughout the once great and prosperous city of Vegas.
On the Las Vegas Eiffel Tower, flew the flag of the Holy American Empire while the War Band of Trump made up of Pikachu cosplayers, Cancer-ridden War Boys, and K-POP artists played the Trump National AnthemBane's Theme on repeat.
Despite the North Korean forces having died and the Based Brazilian Patriots having gone home (with their equipment), the War Boys and Loyal Based Patriot Americans still hadn't stopped partying. Brazilian Alcohol bottles littered the desert, remnants from before their planes took off for home.
A large pile of "casino chips" all the chips from all the casinos had been piled high within Ceasars Palace (Las vegas hotel), atop it sat the Throne of the God Emperor, and on that throne? Donald J. Trump - God Emperor of the Holy American Empire.
Donald J. Trump: What news from the Northern Realms?
Mike "Silver Fox" Pence: Sir, it appears as if the Republic has taken the Alamo, soon they will have reached the Valley of Fire.
Donald J. Trump: And of the south?
General Carson...Ben Carson: The South has all but fallen sir, the Joshua Tree has burned while they push beyond Kingman into the Mojave. The same stands true for Death Valley, and to our east the Hualapai.
Ceasars Palace stood quiet, the news silencing the chatter of the Court. Locked in Vegas, a gamblers dream, just not a dream today.
War-boy: The Scouts are back! They are Back!
A War-boy scout came running in, kneeling before the God Emperor.
War-boy Scout: Sire, I come bearing news.
BAM (The scout is hit by Mike Pence's fist.)
Mike Huckabee: You will address him as he is due.
War-boy Scout: Caesar of Caesars, Nobilissmus, Pater Patriae, Perpetuus, Pious Felix, Pontifex Maximus, Imperator, Dominus, Maximus Augustus, God-Emperor, Donald J. Trump, sire. I come bearing news.
Ajit Pai: Better. Better.
Donald J. Trump looked down upon the War-boy, DJT-nearly blind could barely make out the tanned orange skin of the war-boy before him, Trump's age now 96, was suffering. Unlike the Wrestlers in Canada such as Maxime Bernier and others who had access to substances to reduce aging, Trump had been in the age inducing job of warfare.
Donald J. Trump: What is the news my child...
War-boy Scout: Scouts at Charleston Peak have confirmed that the Pacific Republic has reached Pahrump. Our defenses remain strong at Mountain Springs but they are taking territory.
Ben Carson: Sire, we must take action!
Melania Trump: Husband...what will we do?
Mike "Silver Fox" Pence: Sir, your son, he calls for you.
Donald J. Trump: Barron? BARRON!
Barron Trump was still in Kelowna, but new hologram-telephone technologies had a physical representation of himself in the Ceasars Palace.
Donald J. Trump: Barron, how we've missed you. My son, when shall you return?
Barron Trump: Never father, for I have seen the future.
Donald J. Trump: But we can break you out, the CG don't stand a chance against my armies.
Barron Trump: Father, the CG could end you right now. Please, that is not how your story ends.
Donald J. Trump: My story?
Barron Trump: They showed me...they showed me the future.
Donald J. Trump: Enough about that! You aren't a time traveler! Are you off your meds again?
Barron Trump: You don't understand...father, it's glorious.
Donald J. Trump: Enough of this! Tell the CG I will see you returned.
Barron Trump: Father, I am staying here of my own free will. Your story is ending. Soon it will be over. But it is not the end of the Empire.
Donald J. Trump: What?
Barron Trump: The future, we rule. We rule the Empire, the Trump name survives.
Donald J. Trump: No, I will survive. I will lead my em...
Barron Trump: LOOK AROUND YOU! Surrounded on all sides! You have no other options! Please father, surrender yourself! End this.
Donald J. Trump: Of all the people to betray own flesh and blood.
Barron Trump: Please!
Donald J. Trump: I will show you...I will show you my will to live.
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Flat bet

I was tapped on the shoulder yesterday and told I couldn't change my bets at a MGM property. When I left and went next door to a Ceasar's property the same thing happened before I even made my first bet. The 3rd place I went to that I don't have a players card, nor gave my ID to came over after my first DD game and told me my max bet could only be $50. Driving 40 minutes out of town I found a casino that would still let me play. My question is, am I done on the Strip if I go to Las Vegas?
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Ngày đầu tiên
Quý khách tập trung tại phi trường Tân Sơn Nhất lúc .Hướng dẫn viên Lữ Hành Fiditour làm thủ tục xuất cảnh đi Los Angeles Trên chuyến bay CA 904 (05:40 – 11:35).
Quá cảnh tại Bắc Kinh, tiếp tục chuyến bay đi Los Angeles trên chuyến bay CA 987 (15:00 – 12:00). Nghỉ ngơi trên máy bay.
Đến Los Angeles bạn sẽ được hướng dẫn viên đưa đi tham quan khu trung tâm thương mại Little SaiGon – khu thương mại đầu tiên của người Việt tại Mỹ.

Ngày 02: LOS ANGELES - LAS VEGAS ( Ăn ba bữa)
Sau khi ăn sáng Quý Khách tập trung và khởi hành từ Los Angeles đi Las vegas bằng xe(thời gian đi khoảng 5 tiếng)
Khi đến nơi Quý khách sẽ dùng bữa trưa và bắt đầu khám phá Los Angeles với các điểm đến rất hấp dẫn.
  1. Khách sạn sòng bài Venetian, Bellagio, Ceasar Palace thật rực rỡ và hoành tráng trên Đại lộ chính Las Vegas.
  2. Casino Paris với Tháp Eiffel, đường phố Paris và các quán cà phê vỉa hè ở khu phố Latinh.
Ăn tối. Nhận phòng khách sạn nghỉ ngơi, tự do tham quan dạo phố.

Ngày 03: LAS VEGAS CITY TOUR ( Ăn ba bữa)
Ăn sáng, Sau đó Quý khách tham quan : Las Vegas – kinh đô ánh sáng thế giới .
  • Đập nước nhân tạo Hoover Dam - chiêm ngưỡng toàn bộ quang cảnh dòng sông Colorado huyền thoại và hẻm Núi Đen lớn nổi tiếng.
Ăn trưa. Đoàn tiếp tục tham quan :
  • Mua sắm tại trung tâm hàng hiệu giá rẻ Premium Outlet với đầy đủ các nhãn hiệu nổi tiếng với giá cực rẻ: Tommy, Polo, Adidas, Burberry, Nine West, Samsonite, Bally, BCBG, v.v….
Ăn tối. Tự do dạo phố.

Ngày 04: LAS VEGAS - LOS ANGELES ( Ăn ba bữa)
Ăn sáng, xe đưa đoàn về Los Angeles – Thành phố Thiên thần. Trên đường đi, Quý khách dừng chân mua sắm tại Barstow Outlet - trung tâm hàng hiệu giá rẻ. Tại đây, Quý khách được thỏa sức mua sắm cho mình và người thân những món đồ hiệu nổi tiếng với chất lượng siêu đẳng.
Ăn trưa. Đoàn tiếp tục hành trình về Los Angeles.
Ăn tối. Tự do dạo phố.

Ăn sáng. Đoàn khởi hành đi tham quan thành phố Los Angeles – Thành phố Thiên thần:
  • Universal Studios Hollywood – tham gia các màn kỹ xảo điện ảnh hiện đại nhất của các bộ phim danh tiếng như Công viên kỷ Jura (Jurasic Park); Trở về từ tương lai (Back To The Future); Ngày tận thế (Terminator II); Thủy giới (Water World); Xác ướp Ai Cập (The Mummy).
  • Mua sắm tại khu vực City Walk – bên ngoài phim trường Hollywood.Ăn trưa. Quý khách tiếp tục tham quan:
  • Đại lộ danh vọng Hollywood Boulervard - nơi in tên các tài tử nghệ sĩ điện ảnh nổi tiếng như Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson,…
  • Nhà hát Chinese Mann - nơi in dấu tay, dấu chân của các tài tử điện ảnh nổi tiếng.
  • Nhà hát Kodak - nơi hằng năm diễn ra Lễ trao giải thưởng điện ảnh danh giá Oscar.
  • Đại lộ hoàng hôn Sunset Boulevard.
  • Đồi Beverly Hill - nơi ở của giới nghệ sĩ Mỹ nổi tiếng và giàu có.
Ăn tối. Xe đưa đoàn về khách sạn nghỉ ngơi. Tự do.

Ngày 06: LOS ANGELES - BẮC KINH – TP.HCM ( Ăn ba bữa)

Ăn sáng. Quý khách làm thủ tục trả phòng khách sạn.
Riêng với du khách ở lại thăm thân thì tự túc chi phí di chuyển.
Xe đưa đoàn ra sân bay trở về Việt Nam trên chuyến bay CA 988 (14:20 – 18:10).
Quá cảnh tại Bắc Kinh, tiếp tục bay về TP.HCM trên chuyến bay CA 903 (20:35 – 00:40).
Nghỉ ngơi trên máy bay.

Ngày 07: TP.HCM
00:40 Đến sân bay Tân Sơn Nhất, kết thúc tour Mỹ khám phá Bờ Tây Hoa Kỳ. Chia tay và hẹn gặp lại.
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How far would you travel for a car? I just did 1800 miles, worth it.

You can imagine my surprise when my phone range with an unknown phone number, it was quite limited. For you see; the average unexpected phone call these days usually starts with “you have won a…” or “are you satisfied with your insur….” Most of which end mid sentence, because I couldn’t be bothered to allow the poor soul on the other side to even finish their statement.
This phone call was different, the area code started with “313.”
313 is significant. 313 is the home of wild animals; there are Lions, and Tigers, and Horses.
Knowing the significance of this area code, I answered. “Hello, this is iamnotcreativeDET.” On the other end I was happily greeted by a cheerful woman from General Motors. Initially I was less than impressed, thinking they wanted me to review their new Tesla, or Audi, or something. Her joyful tone couldn’t break me out of my uninspired haze, they wanted me to try out some dreary new Chevy.
I was wrong.
You see, when press cars are given out they sometimes offer options; deliver to a location of your specification, or you can pick your home address, or your office, or they require you travel to a pre-selected location. In this situation; viva Las Vegas. Having never gone I ecstatic, most reviews I find myself doing end up being in my home territory, and usually end up being econoboxes, finally I could submit an expense report for long distance travel, and enjoy some R&R while I was there (shhhh, don’t tell finance).
After setting meet and great details, I booked my flight and hotel room at Ceasar’s Palace. The car would be waiting for me on the 3rd level of the Self Parking, it was mine from Thursday till Sunday.
This might be a good time to mention that I should start off by saying; I am by all means an introvert. I don’t enjoy being around large groups of people, I tend to be quiet and keep to myself in these situations, nor do I gamble or enjoy high dollar shows, I do, however find driving on a deserted road in the Nevada desert to be extremely exciting, for somewhat obvious reasons…
I arrived on Thursday morning at 8 am. My uber driver conversed with me on the way to the casino, attempting to excite me about all of the great places to gamble and shows that I could enjoy. These were at the back of my mind, all I could think about was the pedal on the right, and what it would be like to mash it, repeatedly.
The hotel Concierge had the keys to my car lined up, I hastily dropped my belongings off in my hotel room and rushed to the parking garage to get my first look at the bright red 2016 Camaro SS Convertible that had been so gracefully parked on the 3rd level of the Caesar’s Palace parking garage.
Powered by an LT1 6.2 Liter V8 and paired to GM’s brand new in house 8 speed automatic transmission, the Camaro SS is the least expensive way to get over 450 horsepower in a drop top production car. I could hardly contain myself, all I wanted to do was find the fastest possible way to piss off a law enforcement official. I could even feel the hair on the back of my head growing faster than on the top.
I had planned a couple of long road trips, an opportunity to bond with the car, long streaks of highway paired to canyon carving with low and high elevation curvaceous roads. I wanted to know this car before I got on the plane back home. The Camaro and I would spend 700 miles of pure unsupervised fun, how can this be legal?
On my 4 day excursion, I found myself at places like the Hoover dam, The Grand Canyon, and on the further side of the spectrum, Zion National Park. These are all places I highly recommend going to at one point in your life, they are spectacular places, but my boss probably will read this, and I can imagine if I spent a large percentage of my required words being spent talking about how gorgeous Zion National park is in the debt of winter, or how the Hoover dam is made of 4.3 Million cubic yards of concrete, or how it took 17 million years for flowing water to carve out the grand canyon. He might be marginally cross with me.
So how was it? Deep. I couldn’t believe how far down the Grand Canyon went, it seemed like you could spend a lifetime falling into that hole…. Oh, you wanted to know about the car. Well alright then, I suppose we can talk about that.
The interior felt cheap. On face value everything looked very nice, a true homage to 60s style combined with modern plastic molding and fit and finish. My feelings on the interior went from delighted to massive disappointment quickly, every single surface inside the car is very hard plastic, it is almost as if GM engineers haven’t heard of soft touch plastics and vinyls, these are the things that create and impression of quality, something the Germans and Japanese have figured out decades ago. There was some leather on the arm rest, and door cards, completely out of view.
Then there was the creeks and rattles. This car had 3 miles on it when I pressed the start button for the very first time, and for the 4 days that I had it I had to smack the plastic liner on the convertible top because it was constantly rattling and tapping away, even on the smoothest of roads. I would understand that out of a car that is 5 or 6 years old, especially in something as flexible as a convertible, but on a sub $46K car, it seems disappointing. Clearly all of the money on this car is spent on the powertrain, roof, and styling.
The power is savage. If you have anything sitting on the center console it almost definitely will end up wedged under the back seat and lost in another point in time and space. The 455 horsepower LT1 is a welcomed addition to the Camaro, along with GM’s own brand new 8 speed automatic. At full chat the upshifts are lighting fast, a true feat given that it still has a traditional torque converter automatic, when you take the engine to redline and use the paddle shifter with the car in track mode, the exhaust pops and crackles on every upshift. Matting the throttle in 2nd gear sends the back of the car in an all out drift and caused my face physical pain as I grinned ear to ear and laughed like a maniac.
But its civilized. Putting the car’s computer in touring mode, setting the cruise control, and sitting back in GM’s plush and comfortable cloth seats make the car feel comfortable. Long distances can easily be done, albeit with a bit of wind noise, which is always to be expected from any cloth top convertible. The engine regularly drops down to 4 cylinders at cruising speeds, during which time I found average fuel economy of around 25 miles per gallon, quite impressive given the regular elevation changes of the Nevada and Utah express ways that I traveled on, and the fact that my right foot seemed like it was glued on the carpet.
The chassis is well sorted, having driven an earlier model coupe Camaro, there is definitely an obvious loss of rigidity by removing the roof, but its far from obtrusive, the 3700 pound drop head Camaro wears its weight quite well, feeling toss-able and lively on tight and technical roads, switching to track mode ads a significant amount of weight to the steering, but doesn’t change the fact that the road feedback is numb, like any other electric power steering system of this era. The trunk, however, is next to useless. It hardly fit my two suitcases for the trip, my jacket had to ride in the back seat.
Simply put, the new Camaro SS is a taste of typical American build quality with a special taste of Corvette V8 paired to a sensible and aggressive 8 speed automatic transmission, it is tons of fun and easily livable as an every day vehicle.
tl;dr - 2016 Camaro fast, shit pants.
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You are the first person in history to accidentally access Life's menu. You notice you have 655 unassigned stat points... (Part 4)

It's been a year since I discovered that glitch with the stat points. I'm still in high school but hey, couldn't rush through school. Well, I was reading advanced science books in about a minute flat and could recite them word for word but hey, I preferred the experience.
'Whatever the hell you've been taking, I want some,' Michael said as he looked over my looming figure. 'I mean if it's steroids never mind but...'
As I pulled into the school's parking lot I just gave a curt smile. 'Don't worry about the football team giving you grief,' I told him. 'As the team's captain I have a certain amount of sway. And if I was taking steroids I'd fail the drugs tests, remember?'
'Well, I'll pay you to become my personal coach,' Michael said as I glanced down at him, checking his stats. Level 1, 200 unspent stat points...
'I'll see what I can do,' I told him.
It took a year for people to acknowledge my true height... well, close to it, at least. They were still off by a few feet. But I became well-known for my unstoppable role as an offensive tackle. I did play cautiously as to not cause injury or death, however.
I did feel weird when people started treating me like the big man on campus, someone who was looked up to. But my charisma allowed me to play it all off, especially when I led a study group for other people. It felt good being able to persuade others into working hard.
'So how did your parent's divorce go?' Michael asked. 'Isn't it finalized?'
'Just last Friday,' I told him. 'Dad proved he won the casino jackpot after catching her cheating. Do you want to get out?'
'Why?' he asked me. 'Just having fun in your muscle car?'
'...Because I weigh four hundred and eighty pounds and getting out will cause the suspension springs to outstretch,' I told him. 'You could be seriously injured when your head hits the roof.'
'Oh,' he said before he undid the buckle and climbed out the window.
'Hey!' I yelled. 'Open the damn door next time, you animal! Jesus Christ...'
To be honest, that was a very clear lie. I weighed much more than four eighty, but I had no precise clue. And sure enough as soon as I got out my car jumped a good 8 inches upward.
Dad, however, was loving every second of it. He was already a multi-billionaire and was aiming at the trillions by the end of the next month.
He invested in numerous companies including the one he used to work at. It was rather simple business for him now, walking into his old workplace at least twice a week and helping with work. Of course it was awkward when it came to having to deal with Legal but hey, what can you do?
When he wasn't in the office he was talking to people, inquiring about investing in their businesses or products. Within that year "James Simmons" became a name associated with "Cheap, reliable and absolute quality".
And then there were was his fun activities. Either he was out at sea on his yacht, diving down into the water before surfacing for his dinner prepared by a world-class chef, or he was spending the weekend at Las Vegas, clearing out people in the casinos. He was seriously considering buying a casino... but then it'd be unfair else he could be accused of having employees stack decks for his favor.
It was strange for him to be within Las Vegas in the middle of the week, however. It wasn't primarily for fun, no. This was purely business.
'So, we're meeting the businessman from Dubai at Ceasar's Palace,' the assistant said. 'He'll be willing to invest for quite a bit, but he's particularly scared about having to be bailed out by his father.'
'Perfect,' Dad said with a smile. 'Have my business associates ready to meet me there. I'm trying to fluster him so we all have to act cool, like this was merely a mid-week break.'
'Do you have to call them "Business Associates"?' the assistant asked.
'I'm not going to call them a paid harem openly,' Dad answered, 'especially since Kelsey does my taxes or how Amber is my attorney.'
'Hey, you pay me a grand to wear a bra and relax by a pool,' Kelsey answered as she walked towards him. 'Who am I to say no?'
'Besides, I take the harem to the boat,' Dad said with a sly smile.
It was his favorite tactic for arrogant rich fools, especially those who came into money - let them think he's a nouveau riche fool who can easily waste their money and not think of the consequences. Then force them into a trap and make them take him seriously.
Sure enough, the rich young man from Abu Dhabi soon found Dad sitting in a large outdoor sofa with four women outside the Fortuna Pool in a speedo. 'So you are this James Simmons I've heard so much about in the last year,' the young man said. 'You wish to speak about my hotel in Dubai?'
'Well, as much as I can get a good room for cheap when I want to explore the city,' Dad said in the most simpleton voice possible.
'You sound like a simple man,' the younger man said. 'One who has worked very hard, like a laborer. Has Allah blessed you to allow you to enjoy a life of wealth?'
'I don't know who Allah is but I did get very lucky,' Dad said. 'They say I need to invest money to get more, so I choose what I like and what I think others would like.'
'Allah is what Muslims call God,' he explain.
'...Well, I guess you can say yes,' I said.
'Are you a gambling man, Mr Simmons?' the investor asked.
'I know Texas Hold'em,' he said. 'That's about it.'
'Would you be willing to play a game?' the young man said. 'About... ten million dollars each?'
'Why not?' Dad asked. 'Seems small.'
The investor smiled, thinking it would be easy to screw this man over. That was his first mistake.
Dad had cleaned him out in an hour. He'd allow a few losses, but soon he could take his money back as well as some of the younger man's. But soon all the chips were over by his side. All except for $10,000.
'Any bets?' the dealer asked.
'This... is my last $10,000,' the young man said. 'I have no other option.'
'Well, how about I do the same?' Dad asked before pushing all the chips forward. Most of the crowd gasped in horror, wondering what he was thinking. Others knew precisely what he was thinking as they had the misfortune to play against him.
'You... you are mad,' the young Arabic man said with wide eyes. 'You could lose twenty million right now, despite having control of most of it.'
'I still control it,' Dad said in his normal voice. 'And it doesn't matter to me since it's small change for me. But you are betting with the fund your father gave you to ask me for investment advice. We call those who bet with another's money a thief here. What do they do to thieves in Sharia law?'
'But... But I can still-'
'No you can't,' Dad said as he flipped his hand over, showing the King and Queen of Hearts. 'You have no idea who I am, do you? I'm the undefeated King of Vegas. And I have a full house.'
It was true. Within the shared cards was the Ace, Jack and Ten of Hearts. The younger man gasped when he saw it, an unbeatable hand. The dealer drew a two of spades and a four of diamonds. He had the four of hearts and spades, three of a kind. But that was a small hand compared to what his opponent hand.
And of course, he was surprised when half the chips were shoved back to him by his foe. 'What in Allah's name...?'
'Your father sent you here because I am essentially King Midas,' Dad told him. 'Everything I touch is pure gold, and it isn't "Allah's Blessings" that does it. I'm a businessman so I have to judge what's worthy of my coin, my time. You're partying on your family's purse strings. You. Are. Nothing. So if you want my help financially, if you wish to become a business partner of mine, you do as I say when I say it. Otherwise, get on your private plane home right now, little boy. Do you understand me?'
'Y-yes sir,' the young man said meekly.
'Good,' he said as he finished his drink. He lifted his chips, handing one over to the dealer worth $100,000. 'Guy Savoy, 8PM.'
'It's a restaurant within the hotel,' Dad grunted. 'If you aren't there on the hour this "Deal" your father wants you to discuss with me is over.'
He walked away, the women following behind him into the hotel. 'That guy was staring at my bra the entire time,' Jane said with a sigh. 'Come to think about it, I'm not a very good feminist.'
'Are you kidding?' Kelsey asked. 'I don't have any student debts since I started this. Hey, Simmons paid them off during the first deal I worked with him on.'
'If you know anyone else who needs the cash, let me know,' Dad said with a warm smile.
'Be honest, how badly did you take your wife cheating on you?' Amber asked. Dad, obviously, refused to answer. 'See? Surrounding yourself with hot women isn't healthy, Simmons.'
'I know that,' he said as he allowed the girls to enter the elevator up to their room. 'I just don't care.'
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Location: Mystère Theatre, Treasure Island - TI Phone: 1-866-983-4279 Mystère by Cirque du Soleil provides a complete spectrum of awe-inducing entertainment with colorful sets, imaginative costumes and highly-skilled performers. Show Type: Cirque du Soleil, Production SELECT A DATE AND TIME DATE DAY AVAILABLE TIMES
November 18 Saturday 7:00PM
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MICHAEL JACKSON ONE BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL Location: Mandalay Bay Theatre, Mandalay Bay Phone: 1-866-983-4279 Combining dance, music and awe-inspiring visuals, Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil brings alive Jackson's creative genius in a new adventure. Show Type: Cirque du Soleil, Musicals, Production SELECT A DATE AND TIME DATE DAY AVAILABLE TIMES
November 18 Saturday 7:00PM
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CÉLINE DION (1004 customer reviews) Location: The Colosseum, Caesars Palace Phone: 1-866-983-4279 Catch Céline Dion perform her repertoire of hits mixed with timeless classics that pay tribute to some of the most celebrated songs of all time in her residency show at Caesars Palace. Show Type: Concerts SELECT A DATE AND TIME DATE DAY AVAILABLE TIMES
November 18 Saturday 7:30PM
DONNY & MARIE from 73 Best Price Guarantee Booked in the last 4 minutes (1144 customer reviews) Location: Donny & Marie Showroom, Flamingo Phone: 1-866-983-4279 Donny and Marie is a family-friendly show that follows the winning formula of their 1970s TV program, incorporating dancing, humor and plenty of their hit songs and current chart-toppers. Show Type: Concerts SELECT A DATE AND TIME DATE DAY AVAILABLE TIMES
November 18 Saturday 7:30PM $73
TOURNAMENT OF KINGS from 73 (329 customer reviews) Location: King Arthur's Arena, Excalibur Phone: 1-866-983-4279 The medieval-themed Tournament of Kings combines arena-style entertainment like jousting and sword fighting with a bacchanalian feast befitting a king. Show Type: Production SELECT A DATE AND TIME DATE DAY AVAILABLE TIMES
November 18 Saturday 6:00PM
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HUMAN NATURE JUKEBOX from 67 Best Price Guarantee Booked in the last 2 hours (777 customer reviews) Location: Sands Showroom, Venetian Phone: 1-866-983-4279 Human Nature effortlessly mixes Pop classics with Doo-Wop, Motown, Soul standards and more in Jukebox – The Ultimate Playlist LIVE! Show Type: Concerts SELECT A DATE AND TIME DATE DAY AVAILABLE TIMES
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Thunder From Down Under from 46 Best Price Guarantee Booked in the last 56 minutes (260 customer reviews) Location: Thunder From Down Under Showroom, Excalibur Phone: 1-866-983-4279 The Australian all-male dance revue Thunder from Down Under is a feast of flesh and fantasy for women, providing a night of raucous fun for everyone. Show Type: Adult, Production SELECT A DATE AND TIME DATE DAY AVAILABLE TIMES
November 18 Saturday 9:00PM
November 19 Sunday 9:00PM $46
THE RAT PACK IS BACK! from 60 Best Price Guarantee Booked in the last 51 minutes (449 customer reviews) Location: Copa Room, Tuscany Suites & Casino Phone: 1-866-983-4279 Relive the glory days of Vegas with the iconic Rat Pack as they are celebrated in this this international hit show. Show Type: Impersonators, Tribute SELECT A DATE AND TIME DATE DAY AVAILABLE TIMES
November 18 Saturday 7:30PM
The Strip
The Strip Share: The 2.5-mile-long central section of Las Vegas Boulevard, which runs through the city from northeast to southwest, known as The Strip, is lined with huge entertainment palaces, many built with a defining theme and home to performance venues, luxury hotel rooms, and fine dining. The Strip is particularly impressive at night, when the city is illuminated by an endless succession of glittering neon signs. Most visitors enjoy walking along the Strip and taking in the sights. Generally speaking, the Las Vegas Strip runs from the Mandalay Bay Hotel to the Treasure Island Hotel. Many of the hotel complexes have free street side entertainment, from dancing fountains to erupting volcanoes. To truly experience Las Vegas, stay on The Strip, preferably at one of the major resorts. For a look at some of the best accommodation options in a variety of price ranges, see our recommended hotels.
Fremont Street Experience
Fremont Street Experience Allie_Caulfield Share: Off The Strip, in the old downtown Las Vegas, is Fremont Street, a pedestrian only area with all kinds of unique sites. A four block section of Fremont Street has been covered over with a canopy of LED lights which light up the sky in a ray of different colors as you walk below. Known as the Fremont Street Experience, each night a fantastic music and visual show takes place overhead. Street performers and special entertainment acts often perform outdoors in this area. The Fremont Street Experience is in downtown Las Vegas, a few kilometers from the new hotel groupings such as Treasure Island and Caesar's Palace. It is best to take a taxi to reach this area. Official site:
Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides
Venetian Hotel and Gondola Rides Share: The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas is located on "The Strip" across from Treasure Island. It is one of the city's finest resorts and has many interesting tourist attractions. Visitors can walk through the themed shopping arcade built to resemble the city of Venice, complete with blue skies, canals, and gondoliers. The hotel also features recreations of the main attractions found in Venice such as the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, along with many others. The Venetian Gondola Rides are a fun way to see the complex. Situated out in front of the Venetian Hotel, near the sidewalk, boats await passengers who are then taken on a ride by their personable gondolier through the shopping arcade inside the hotel. Address: 3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas Official site:
Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower
Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower Share: The Paris Hotel on the Strip is one of the most easily recognized resorts in Las Vegas. Out front is a scale model of the Eiffel Tower, and down the way is a recreation of the Paris Opera House. Also on the property is a mock hot air balloon festooned with neon and flashing lights. Located in the "Eiffel Tower" is an upper end restaurant with fine views out over The Strip and across to the dancing fountains of Bellagio. Address: 3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas Official site:
Mirage Hotel: Erupting Volcano and Secret Garden
Mirage Hotel: Erupting Volcano and Secret GardenLana Law Share: The Mirage Hotel is easy to identify while walking along the Strip. In front of the resort is a volcano, which erupts at regular intervals. At night, the glowing red fire shooting out is one of the most unique sites visible from the sidewalk. Inside the Mirage is the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. Here, visitors can see a wide variety of exotic animals in their natural environment including white lions. The Dolphin Habitat contains a large number of trained dolphins in its 2.5-million-gallon pools. Address: 3400 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas Official site:
Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show
Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show Robert Pernett Share: The Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas is considered the city's finest resort and one of the few AAA 5-star-rated hotels. This massive hotel complex has a wide variety of attractions including an Art Gallery, Botanical Gardens, Spa and Salon, coupled with some of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas. Beyond the lobby is a showroom area with changing themes that range from spring botanical displays to fascinating shows of art. The most impressive and famous feature is the fountain show. In front of the Bellagio, along the strip, the dancing fountains perform a beautiful display of water set to music. From the sidewalk, visitors have a ringside view. This is often described as the best free attraction in Las Vegas. Address: 3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas Official site:
Caesar's Palace and The Colosseum
Shops at Ceasar's Palace Lana Law Share: Perhaps one of the best known of all the Las Vegas hotel resorts, Caesar's Palace continues to evolve. Currently Caesar's Palace is a massive complex in the middle of the Strip, complete with every imaginable entertainment option. The hotel is closely associated with shows held in its huge concert venue known as "The Colosseum." Top performers (which have included Celine Dione and Elton John) perform here for extended periods and shows are often booked out well in advance. Visitors planning a trip and hoping to see a performance here will want to check out dates and ticket availability as early as possible. Address: 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas Official site:
MGM Grand Hotel and CSI: The Experience
MGM Grand Hotel and CSI: The Experience Share: The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas is across the street from the New York-New York Hotel and kitty corner to the Excalibur Resort Hotel. The MGM Grand Hotel has all the amenities visitors would expect to find at a luxury hotel including above average accommodations, an exceptional pool area, a multitude of restaurants, and plenty of entertainment options. One of the hotels popular activities is CSI: The Experience, based on the popular CSI TV series, where participants can test out their detective skills. Address: 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas Official site:
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Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino  Walkthrough 2019 ... Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Aerial View at ... Caesars Palace Las Vegas Room & Casino Tour  January 2020 ... Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino - Caesars ... Moving Statue in Caesars Palace - Las Vegas - YouTube Caesars Palace Las Vegas - Forum Tower Classic King Room ... CAESARS PALACE Las Vegas Hotel & Casino - YouTube Caesars Palace Las Vegas - Julius Deluxe Room - YouTube Caesars Suites Las Vegas Villas  Caesars Palace - YouTube

Here every guest is treated like a Caesar. From amenities to services, all guests are offered the opportunity to indulge in the good life. Our world-renowned luxury hotel features world-class entertainment, delectable dining, exciting nightlife, great service, unparalleled shopping and more. Check out the current deals here. Book Now View Deals. View Deals. Flamingo Las Vegas Deals. Welcome to ... Looking to enjoy the thrill of a Las Vegas casino, but from the comfort of your own home? Well you’ve come to the right place! With over 150 FREE slot machine games, countless features and hundreds of prizes to be won, Caesars Casino will provide you hours of FREE entertainment! It’s no wonder Caesars Casino is one of the most talked about and renown casino games available! Play Slots For ... Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino presents spectacular rooms, service, and entertainment. Come discover the world-renowned luxury that awaits you. With Caesars Entertainment's innovative and distinctive Las Vegas hotels you can enjoy an unforgettable experience. Use our Caesars Experience Vegas guide to explore all the amenities and features our Vegas resorts offer including epic entertainment, energetic nightlife, world-class restaurants and thousands of renovated rooms. Start planning your ultimate Vegas vacation today. Zählt zu den Bestsellern in Las Vegas Dieses luxuriöse Hotel mit Casino am Las Vegas Strip bietet ein Restaurant, das Berühmtheiten gehört, die Forum Shops, ein exquisites Spa und 7 Pools. Alle Zimmer sind mit einem Flachbild-Kabel-TV ausgestattet. Die Zimmer im Caesars Palace verfügen über ein eigenes Bad mit kostenlosen Pflegeprodukten. Der Zimmerservice steht Ihnen rund um die Uhr zur ... Caesars Casino & Sports is your own personal Las Vegas and Atlantic City rolled into one, wherever and whenever you want in New Jersey. It’s an online casino & sports gaming experience from the iconic casino you know and trust, played how you like, on your terms. Be the next big thing in gaming and sign up today at Caesars Casino & Sports. LAS VEGAS, Dec. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In advance of the Christmas holiday, Caesars Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: CZR) ("Caesars Entertainment," "Caesars" or "the Company") leaders and volunteers plan to distribute 20,000 frozen turkeys and festive cookies to Las Vegas Team Members in a contactless drive-thru outside the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino throughout the week. Caesars Palace - Resort & Casino wurde von unseren Gästen mit „Sehr gut“ bewertet. Werfen Sie einen Blick in unsere Galerie, überzeugen Sie sich von den authentischen Gästebewertungen und buchen Sie jetzt mit Preisgarantie. Wenn Sie unseren Newsletter abonnieren, erfahren Sie sogar als Erstes von Angeboten und Aktionen.

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Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Walkthrough 2019 ...

Amazon Deals: CAESARS PALACE Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Caesars Palace is a luxury hotel and casino in Paradise, Nevada, United States.... A tour of the Forum Tower Classic King Room at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, from February 2018. This 350 sq ft room is a very classic, elegant room. Included in... A tour of the Julius Deluxe King Room at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, from August 2019. This 360 sq ft room comes with a King bed, a couch, flat screen TV, and ... Las Vegas Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Aerial View at Night from Helicopter Tour Video Footage of The Strip in Paradise Nevada NV - http://www.travellinks... Every big casinos in Las vegas carry a theme and run distinguished show to attract people.This video taken in caesars palace casino. While I was seeing the s... Las Vegas to reopen June 4, 2020. Caesars reopening on June 4, 2020.Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.Caesars Palace Augustus ... Caesars Palace walkthrough, Forum shops and fountain tour. Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for watching. If you like what you see please like, comment and sub... Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel details:Caesars Palace is an AAA Four Diamond lavish inn and club in Paradise, Nevada, United States, arranged on the west sid... Take a look inside the most luxurious Las Vegas villas and one-of-a-kind experiences at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Caesars Palace Las Vegas Villas: - 2, 3,...